World’s First Mobile Charger That Runs On Water

World’s First Mobile Charger That Runs On Water

130418094803With this new invention, you will need to run for water whenever your mobile battery drains. Confused? Yes, you read it right, a new power source for your mobile phone could charge your phone with the help of water. It is the world’s first water-activated charging device.

With a vision to make green energy instantly available everywhere, a device named PowerTrekkTM is being marketed by myFC, a Sweden based company which is a leader in micro fuel cells. The device myFC PowerTrekkM acts like a fuel cell as well as a portable battery pack. It enables instant charging without even needing a wall charge.

Based on fuel cell technology developed at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, the device uses normal water to increase the battery life for various devices above 3 watts. A fuel cell will run as long as fuel and oxidant is provided to its electrodes and it efficiently converts chemical energy of a fuel into electrical energy.

The researchers claim that the water need not be completely clean, it can be either sea water or rain water. The device doesn’t require electricity to charge you phone or other USB-compliant electronic devices.

A USB connector attaches the compact PowerTrekk charger to the device. When plain water is poured into the disposable metal disc inside the unit, it releases hydrogen gas which combines with oxygen to convert chemical energy into electrical energy generating power. The resulting charge can be used to power an iPhone between 25 and 100 percent of its battery capacity.

To run the charger, You need to remove the tray system and insert the fuel pack into the allotted fuel compartment. Further, by filling up the water compartment and closing lid, tray system needs to be re-attached to the mobile charger. With the help of USB-A connector, electronic device is connected to the myFC PowerTrekk that leads to automatic mobile charging.


The launch of this charger marks a revolutionary step towards building fuel cells in laptops which can already be found in electric cars, backup electrical power supply systems for hospitals etc. The fuel cell chargers are faster and reliable when compared to solar chargers.

The fuel cell system does not fans or pumps and is completely passive. The chemical process of generating electricity is considered to be safe and Eco-friendly where the by-product is only water vapour.

This invention succeeded in reaching its goal of commercializing fuel cell technology to contribute to the development of environmental technology. Though, it did not reach all the users widely because of its cost, it has the capability of topping the chargers once the price goes down.

The company has already sold the technology to users in China, Japan, the U.S. and much of Europe.

This charger will be very much useful for the persons who travel a lot or live in remote areas that lack proper electricity and has a great potential to accelerate social development in emerging markets.


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