Top Tips for Posting on Facebook

Top Tips for Posting on Facebook


Facebook is the largest social media community in the world.

In only a matter of years, human interaction has transformed so much that if you hear somebody mention the words “I don’t have Facebook”, you can only assume they’re alien. In fact, there are now a billion users on Facebook, twice that of their nearest competitor, Twitter – how extraordinary? This growth has brought about a revolution in marketing for businesses; with their Facebook pages becoming invaluable in terms of success.

There are certain things you should consider when posting content to your community which can help to keep your users engaged and informed.


It’s all about timing. If you don’t post at the right moment, then nobody will see it.

The right time is dictated by what kind of community you’re trying to engage. For example, if your site is mainly aimed at office-workers, then you should aim to post at the beginning of the day when they’re readying themselves for work (6am – 8 30am), when they’re on their lunch break (12 30pm – 3pm) and then when they return in the evening (7pm – 10pm). This would obviously be different if your audience were students, who are generally busier in the evenings and have more time spare in the day.

Don’t get drawn into squabbles with competitors and clog people’s newsfeed’s – if you find your own niche when traffic is high but people aren’t too snowed-under, you’ll reap the rewards.

It also depends on the product. Studies have shown that in the clothing and fashion industries, traffic generally increases throughout the week, peaking on a Thursday. However, in an industry like Technology, you actually see a decrease in traffic on the weekends, with traffic rising to its weekly high on a Monday. I’d recommend regularly asking questions to your community and trying to suss out just what people enjoy most about what you’re offering, then you can be certain.

On average, you should aim to post around about 2-3 times a day.

Through my own research I figured that on my site, a 14,000 strong Facebook community, our traffic peaks at lunchtime on a Tuesday.


The ideal post is one which entices people to view and interact. 

  • If you embed an interesting image to spearhead your topic, it’s much more likely to entice people into engaging with it.
  • As many details of new products as you can.
  • Ask a question of your audience you’ll see a huge increase in reach.
  • If you post something negative it’ll attract more comments, however positive subjects receive far more ‘likes’.

I’ve found that when I’ve embedded media, I’ll receive around about 164% more views.


Like it or not, Social Networking is now crucial to the success of your business. Not only does it allow you to introduce people to new products, but it enables you to give your brand a genuine, personable identity. This new way of interacting with your community is a perfect way to spread the word about what you’re offering and attract more interest. 

Since I began scrutinising my online activity, its impact has been utterly significant.

Sit down, log-in, and start asking questions.


Oobah B.

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