“tim-E”-A Robotic iPhone Alarm Clock With Arms And Legs

“tim-E”-A Robotic iPhone Alarm Clock With Arms And Legs

How many times did you really wake up with the alarm sound? Most of us wake up,turn off the alarm and go back to bed again.For all those sleep lovers,here comes your best enemy-tim-E,an interactive,intelligent,versatile and customizable robotic alarm clock ever made.


The new tim-E (pronounced “Timmy”) iPhone alarm clock is launched on kickstarter,the world’s largest funding platform for innovative and creative projects.The campaign’s main objective is to raise up-to $150,000 in-order to acquire security certifications,conclude hardware and software development as well as to meet up the initial expenses of distribution of the product.

tim-E is an iPhone dock with arms and legs which can twist,turn and even dance.The face of the robot will be the screen of your iPhone or iPod.It can wake you up with a normal alarm in the form of buzz or it can use a song from your device,dancing and moving its head at every given instance.

It might be fun when you watch it normally. But it will surely irritate you when you are in deep sleep,which is exactly what you need from an alarm clock.Hence,its purpose is fulfilled.

imagesThis robotic personal assistant makes your morning entertaining and pleasant.If you don’t want to hear the normal alarm tones,this docking station is customizable to wake you up with the days weather report,traffic alerts or you can also set the alarm to offer a brain teaser, daily voice reminders and more.

The promo video has a brainteaser in which the user tries to touch a fly buzzing across the screen on tim-E’s face.If the user pokes the robot instead of the fly,it says things like “Swat the fly, not the eye, sleepyhead!”.

“No other alarm clock has emotion and personality combined with custom voice messages and movement that will wake you up happy,”says Jeff Wilcox,who first discovered tim-E in 2010.

One more attractive feature of tim-E is that you can swap its face for any photo you like i.e.,rather than using the default blue robot face,one can use pictures of friends or family as its face and it will speak anything that the robot is programmed to say.

Although,there are plenty of other iPhone robots,tim-E is especially suitable for all the lazy people who stick to bed besides being appropriate for kids,military families and business travelers as you can add a photo of that special someone whom you miss and that face will accompany with the customized message.

Screen Shot 2013-05-04 at 11.27.59 AMtim-E is presently a working prototype model and the funds raised will take it to the next stage of development and production.So far,it raised about $3200.

This rare combination of an alarm clock,toy and charging station for your iPhone or iPod is expected to release next year with a reasonable price tag of $89.99.


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