The 5 User-Friendly Alternatives For Google Reader

The 5 User-Friendly Alternatives For Google Reader

Ever since Google announced that Google Reader will be closed on July 1st 2013,all the addicts and fans of Google Reader are looking for the best alternatives to it.Although,people who used Google Reader will take some time to adopt to other choices,it is mandatory for them to adjust as Google is firm on its decision of shutting down the Reader.

Not just being an RSS client,Google Reader also syncs news feeds between different apps which made it a hot favourite to many subscribers.As it is going to turnoff forever,various companies like Digg have announced to start-up new Reader in near future.

As of now,if you are looking out for the best possible alternates to Google Reader with same features like it,u can check the following options.

1.The Old Reader


For all those who will be missing Google Reader badly,here is your cup of tea as its interface is very much similar to the Google Reader.It might be in Beta, but Old Reader was built to be a suitable replacement for Google Reader.You can either login by registering or via Google or Facebook ID.

Through OPML,one can import feeds from Google Reader or any other service.Thus,it helps backing up your data in Google Reader.With features like one-click subscription,folders at the left side bottom and list of stories in the main pane(Click to read) the Old Reader reminds you of Google Reader.

It allows you to browse daily content and even share the content  with your friends.It is absolutely free,fast and very simple to use.

There are no mobile apps yet,but the site works well on mobile devices.Developers claim that they started working to create a mobile app and it can be expected soon.There are, however, Chrome and Safari extensions for it.

Providing you with the look and feel of Google Reader,it turns out to be one of the best options for subscribers.


Feedly is a productive way to organize,read and share the content of your favourite sites,blogs,rss feeds and even you tube channels.It is an RSS news reader re-imagined for android phones and tablets.

Feedly announced that it has picked about 500,000 Google Reader users ever since the shutdown of Google Reader was made.Feedly runs on Google App Engine and one can sign into it using the Google account details.


When viewed on mobile,the content of your rss feeds and blogs are transformed into pocket sized cards which load very fast and are easy to navigate making browsing faster.It is available for download on AppStore,Google play.

Feedly also allows you to migrate your tagged articles in Google Reader.It will migrate upto 250 articles per tag.It enables you to organize all your favourite content and access them all in one place.You can save articles across devices and share them on any social networking sites.

With many features like Multiple layout options, auto-mark as read, tagging, advanced sharing, keyboard shortcuts,it is surely the other best choice for Google Reader users.


It is another best reader which offers both free and premium accounts.However,it is free on the web, iPad, iPhone, and Android through which user can subscribe to 64 sites maximum.By subscribing to a premium account, you can unlock a few restrictions and can have unlimited benefits.

NewsBlurGoogleReaderNewsBlur has a well built interface that is so similar to Google Reader along with some added attributes that will make your read entertaining.For example,you can switch effects of the original view and can display articles just like the way they show on their sites or view only the text to get rid of images.

NewsBlur also has an option to import from Google Reader.It also allows users to share stories with friends, save them for future reading and even you can start your own “blurblog” of featured stories you want to share, and more.

Though,it has some drawbacks,they can be overlooked due to its fastness at pulling in updates.The service refreshes your feeds every minute making you updated with news every moment.

It is the only service that lets users to nest folders inside folders,giving freedom to organize feeds in an appropriate way.It is a must try for hardcore RSS users.Newsblur also has iOS and Android apps that sync “Saved Stories”.

With the growing demand,NewsBlur has temporarily stopped free users from signing up.It can drop the restriction anytime soon.



Another easy to use interface that offers various services like a web interface, mobile browser, and iPhone application.Users can also import their existing Google Reader blog feeds directly into Blogloving instead of moving it over manually.

Blogloving presents a highly designed feed-reading experience especially targeted at blogs that deal in fashion, food, and interior design.

It announced that in just 30-hours,it has signed up 13,000 new customers which made it a site with 2 million members.With a tough competition from feedly,Bloglovin succeeded in grabbinig the attention of the users.The developers believe that readers who are interested in self-expression opted for this reader.

In this,Users can create categories of different topics and if they want to read blog posts in that category,they can simply click on the folder,open and read the desired content.To read the unread posts,users can click on first post in the web browser which opens a new window with Bloglovin frame at the top.Once that post is read,users can click “Next” to view the next post in their subscribed blogs.

The whole process helps users to read quickly and makes browsing faster.With all these benefits,Bloglovin is likely to attract most of the users of Google Reader.


Bloglines can be considered as a direct alternative for Google Reader.It is probably the most closest service that resembles Google Reader with a similar look and feel. It allows you to work with electronic widgets.You can also choose to watch by feed or view all feeds.

blogline1_lightboxIt is one of the best and fastest way to find and track your websites and blogs in real-time.One can easily customize the dashboard with multiple view options,drag and drop organization.Users cab get the latest news on topics exactly the way they want it,with the new Bloglines reader.

It is very simple to add a feed in Bloglines and like many others,it also allows you to import your feeds from Google Reader or any other reader as you can import OPML files.The list of feeds are easy to scroll through.

Once set up,you can access your personal page of Bloglines from any computer.The service claims to have 2 million users and it is available via a web interface on both desktop and mobile apps.

If you are someone who reads a lot of feeds or uses it for research,Bloglines is for you.


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