Super-Fast Swype Android Keyboard Is Now Available In Google Play

Super-Fast Swype Android Keyboard Is Now Available In Google Play

Swype is a virtual keyboard for touch screen mobiles and tablets.The user can enter the words by sliding a finger from the first letter of a word to its last letter, lifting only between words.Though it was a pioneer in trace keyboards for smart phone devices,it has enough competition today.

This swype keyboard is pretty famous with most of the android users. But so far,it was only available in two ways i.e., either pre-installed on selected devices or as a “beta” web download.Making that a thing of past,Swype has finally got out of the beta tag and is now available on Google play store.

Being one of the most appealing keyboards on Android,it is used by more than 500 million users worldwide.With its increasing demand,Nuance,the voice recognition company which bought Swype in late 2011,has launched Swype to Google play.With about 15 MB in size,it is available at $0.99 for a limited time on Google Play including a free 30-day trial version.

swype-google-playIt works well with any device that runs on Android 2.2 Froyo and higher and claims to serve different keyboard users, from the “swyper” and the “typer” to the “tapper”. Its ability to drag a finger across the screen in order to compose messages makes Swpye more faster and attractive.

Mike Thompson, Executive Vice President and General Manager for Nuance mobile, says, “Based on the incredible success of our beta program and our vocal customers, we decided to extend the power of Swype to more Android users through Google Play. Android users deserve the best keyboard — settling for an alternative is no longer necessary.”

Swype has predictive capabilities and allows users to use split keyboard for more spacious screens.Utilizing error-correction algorithms and a language model,it will guess the intended words.The app evolves itself so that it can grasp writing styles of the device user.

Besides these features,it now supports more than 20 dialects and includes a Smart Editor function that suggests edits based on the entire sentence.It also has an opt-in Living Language cloud service,that automatically updates the keyboard’s dictionary on a daily basis with latest words and phrases.

It can backup and sync your personal dictionary,which is beneficial as it need not relearn the words and phrases even if you switch devices.Smart touch study and Smart reselect options are also included in it.

Naunce which is known for its Dragon Naturally Speaking speech recognition software,has been making updates to the keyboard app since years.The company announced that due to “incredible consumer demand” from the users of its beta program,it decided to release Swype in the public market through Google Play.

Though,its competitor, SwiftKey released a version of its keyboard that incorporated swipe gesture support similar to it, Swype’s multi-modality, accuracy and support for more languages will help set it apart from the competition.

swype-play-storeThanks to Naunce,as it’s giving a chance to the users of Android devices to experience its keyboard even if the devices don’t have the app built in them.

All the android users out there,what are you waiting for? Swype is made available on Google Play and is easy to install.Instead of wasting precious seconds lifting a finger, download Swype and move your fingers across the screen almost like you are connecting dots across a keyboard.


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