Smartphone Apps Can Make Workouts More Fun

Smartphone Apps Can Make Workouts More Fun

Burning your calories is not that easy. It requires lot of effort and patience to stay fit physically. Most of us postpon early morning jog or a walk because of our laziness. But what if your regular workouts are made entertaining with the help of your smartphones?

Yes, software developers are taking advantage of smartphones advanced technology to create fitness games that appeal to the persons who are reluctant in doing exercise. By making use of GPS (Global Positioning System), accelerometers, MP3 players, developers have invented a new apps that motivate you to drill.

indexEven the fitness instructors are being encouraged to include game play in group workouts and one-on-one exercise as well.

One of the most famous fitness game app is Zombies, Run! It places the participant in the role of a supplies runner for a walled community trying to survive against the walking dead. While jogging, the game’s complex story is revealed through the headphones.

You “pick up” supplies for the community as you jog and at times, you are warned that zombies are heading towards you. If you don’t increase your speed, you will have to pitch some supplies to keep yourself from being caught.

After your workout, you can use the supplies you picked up to fortify your community. Automatic updates about your run i.e.,the GPS statistics from the run will be uploaded in the game’s website through which one can estimate the average speed and the calories they burnt during the run.

Likewise, there are many fitness game apps that place you in different situations. Bulldash, is an app that puts you in the middle of running bulls with loud audio forcing you forward towards the horns. Fit Freeway makes you the engine of a race car that you drive while on a treadmill or elliptical machine.

Giving you a real time experience while u jog, the car goes faster depending on your speed and you can steer the car by tilting your mobile. Apart from these, apps like Nexercise, Teemo and Fitocracy allows you to share your workout progress with your friends. Some games will make you compete with friends by setting a common goal for two persons encouraging healthy competition.

These apps are available at a low cost of $2 to $4. Zombies run is the most expensive at $7.99, at the same time equally popular.

Donna Arnett, president of the American Heart Association, says that there is a good evidence to show that the gadgets like accelerometers can develop interest in physical activity.

However, it has to be seen in future, whether these fitness games will have a good impact on users or will be just another simple apps in the market that fades away with time. But if the apps has the capability of keeping people on their toes, they definitely have lot of potential in them.

With time, fitness apps may also enhance their features and present users with more ease and comfort in using them. Any kind of health technology will last for a long period of time only when people use them for an extended period of time.


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