SEO Updates – What you need to know?

SEO Updates – What you need to know?

The classic SEO methods are becoming a thing of the past as we move towards the emergence of web 3.0. Following updates from search engine giant, Google, the way in which we write and promote our content on the web is changing. Google seem to have a thing for black and white animals, as their SEO updates are named ‘Panda’ and ‘Penguin’. Following both of these updates the way in which SEO is heading has changed dramatically.

Keywords were traditionally the main feature when it came to SEO, however this is now changing. Many users found that by focusing on a range of keywords rather than a specific keyword, allowed for a greater return. This does follow logic if you think about it, however to many it will seem alien as it is simply not what they are used to.

The second key feature of the update is the role of user experience being the number one priority for all webmasters. The public’s device usage and ownership is changing, many are now accessing the internet from either their smartphone or tablet device. Many websites are not designed to be viewed in this form, and navigating these sites on mobile devices can be tricky and unpleasant. This is why the rise of responsive websites is emerging, sites that detect what device you are accessing the site on and change the layout accordingly. The general rule is that sites being accessed on mobile devices should have large buttons for easy touch screen usage and designed for smaller screen devices.

So it’s all very good having a responsive website with great content, but what if it’s taking ages to load? The lifestyles that people lead now are extremely busy, if your page isn’t loading quick enough they will give up or move to a site that does load quickly. The point I am making is ensure your site has good loading times no matter what device it is being accessed on! People are not as patient as they used to be due to the large competition there is now.

Our site is setup, it loads instantly, in a responsive form and has great content, sorted right? Not quite! We know about the site, but how do we attract others to the site? A common mistake made by some in order to attract this traffic is to simply post the URL of the site to any forum or message board they can find online. However this won’t find quality traffic, it is simply worthless quantity. It is much better to attract a smaller amount of quality traffic to the site than it is to attract masses of worthless traffic. This traffic can be found by posting in genuine and relevant sites, but also via the use of Social Media. Social Media is a great new marketing tool that is being used by many. It allows access to huge markets that are specifically relevant to what it is you are targeting.

Ryan B.

Digital Marketing & Social Media Student at De Montfort University.

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