Semantic Web Breakthrough Holds Good For Big Data

Semantic Web Breakthrough Holds Good For Big Data

Semantic web is an extension of World Wide Web that allow users to share and reuse the content beyond applications,websites etc.It is a web that can describe things well interpreted by the computer i.e.,it can be processed directly and indirectly by the machines.Though,the critics question its feasibility,supporters believe that applications in many areas have increased because of this concept.

fujitsu-open data-announcement-14-4-1It has grown into a mature field of research as its underlying technologies have significant impact on other fields of research and also on many industrial applications.

Exploring the potential for linked data and the semantic web,a three-year research collaboration between the ICT giant Fujitsu and the Digital Enterprise Research Institute (DERI) at NUI Galway,Ireland lead a way for unlocking in-numerous open data sets for sharing and accelerating the process of Big Data.

The scientists want to study the real commercial opportunities that linked data can provide.The research work is considered as a major breakthrough in the field of semantic web which would allow the researchers and organizations to combine the unlocked data-sets with their own data.

It means that the user can add value to his own data by checking the already existing data and interconnecting with that information to create new understandings in everything from financial to health care information.

Usually,open data is the concept that certain data must be freely available to everyone to use and republish without any restrictions from patents,copyrights etc and a linked data describes a method of publishing structured data so that it could be interlinked and can be more useful which enables data from different sources to be connected to each other and queried.

However,the big challenge at the moment for the data miners is that the data sets are spread over in different locations across the web.

“What we are trying to do is provide an application that sits onto linked data and shows how you can navigate those data sets, but also lets you identify where those data sets are so that you have a central location for accessing them,” explained Fujitsu Ireland’s head of research Anthony McCauley.

The combined research team of  DERI and Fujitsu has developed a prototype to evince this ability of joining different data sets.In order to facilitate users to quickly sort and access data,the team have also created a data search function on the application.They created an XBRL application that brings data from various sources like the New York Times or Google,into a single interface.

This will help users,app developers or researchers to gain more knowledge on the data that is being searched by them from a single access point.The technology would allow scientists to gather data from clinical trials, genetic testing and longitudinal studies, for example, and look for different conditions.

The team intends to develop a plan for the application this year and will work on the next two years of the project transforming these ideas to reality.


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