Samsung make 5G Breakthrough and ready for 2020 release

Samsung make 5G Breakthrough and ready for 2020 release

Sorry, 4G aficionados, but Samsung have successfully developed the world’s first 5G system.


The 5G will be ready for release by 2020, apparently, paving way for a breakthrough of massive sorts, as 4G is yet to be released. The connection has been described by the South Korean company as so fast that data can be transferred “practically without limitation”. With this capability users would be able to transfer 10 Gbps, doing so by tapping into much higher frequency bands. Currently, it operates at a tenth of this pace. At this new and improved 10Gbps pace, users would be able to send Super-Hi-Definition movie files in a mere matter of seconds.



The 5G system uses high-frequency wavebands that until now weren’t considered as capable of transmitting data over the hefty distances required for a mobile network. However, the recent breakthrough came when the Korean technology company developed an “adaptive array transceiver”. This is a part which is capable of utilising the necessary wave-band. In a statement, Samsung said: “The implementation of a high-speed 5G cellular network requires a broad band of frequencies, much like an increased water flow requires a wider pipe.

“While it was a recognized option, it has been long believed that the millimeter-wave bands had limitations in transmitting data over long distances due to its unfavourable propagation characteristics.


It seems crazy that only 5 years ago did the third generation of cellular technology revolutionise the mobile internet, even now with the advanced 4G approaching, it seems obscene to consider how much of an impact 5G will have. In any territory and country around the world, internet will be available to you. This promotion from peer to peer, from peer to machine, to an eventual technological autonomy will change the makings of every nuance of society.

“Samsung’s latest innovation is expected to invigorate research into 5G cellular communications across the world; the company believes it will trigger the creation of international alliances and the timely commercialization of related mobile broadband services.” Samsung also said in their statement.

You can also consider the impact it will have federally: tactical military radio, cognitive radar, cognitive jamming, and ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance). Whilst it also represents a catastrophic boost for Samsung over their close rivals, this includes Apple.

Quocirca, the business and research house’s principal analyst, Rob Bamforth, proposes that  just as smartphones have driven 3G mobile connectivity forward by pushing demand for mobile bandwidth through the roof, the same thing is gong to happen with 4G and, furthermore, 5G – and rapidly. “There is likely to be an inertia in the mobile system at first – largely due to infrastructure issues – but this will be countered by the ongoing lack of capacity on 3G services – and by implication, 4G services. This is why, for example, most mobile voice traffic goes via 2G networks, even though most 3G users are unaware of this happening,” he says. “For this reason, I don’t foresee a time when the existing 2G and 3G networks will ever be switched off, even though ultra-fast 5G and super-fast 4G wireless networks will handle most user’s – and device’s – mobile communications”.

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