Now You Can Send Money Via Gmail,Google Announces

Now You Can Send Money Via Gmail,Google Announces

Until now,you might have sent messages,attached your files,photos or videos through Gmail.But very soon you will be able to do something surprising and exciting,i.e,sending money through your Gmail.If that line grabbed your attention,read on to know more about the new Gmail feature.

indexGoogle announced that Google wallet is integrated into Gmail to allow users to send money quickly within the mail.Now paying back your debts,bills or reimbursing your friends is going to be as easy as sending an email.All it takes is a bank account linked to Google Wallet.

Google wallet is a mobile payment system that is made available to Android users since 2011.It empowers users to store debits cards,credit cards etc and uses near field communication(NFC) to make payments faster by simply tapping the phone.The integration of this system with Gmail will make users to carryout their money transactions in a much simple manner.

Google allows this service to be accessed by the users above 18 years.To send money through Gmail,all you need to do is to click “$” symbol and attach your money to email by entering the amount you wish to send and press send.Its same like attaching any other files or images to your email.

The new service will be absolutely free if your bank account is linked to Google wallet.However,if you use your linked credit or debit card,low fee rates will apply.Google takes 2.9 percent per transaction for credit card payments.Irrespective of the type of transactions,the number of transactions are limited on $10,000 per 5 day period.

Sending money in Gmail is available on desktop as of now.You can send money from Google Wallet at from your phone or laptop.The receiver need not have a gmail account.But,he will need to signup for Wallet to accept the money.Thus,both the sender and the receiver have to set up Google Wallet.

Screenshot Posted by Travis Green, Product Manager, Google Wallet

You need not worry about your money as the service offers very good security with authentication features.Though its too early to judge the service,it definitely marks a new beginning in the e-commerce.

So just keep your fingers crossed,you can soon find “$” icon in the attachment options of the mail.


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