New High-tech portable hotel attaches itself to Private Jet

New High-tech portable hotel attaches itself to Private Jet

They won’t be offering this on Expedia just yet… If you’re into high-speed private jets, there’s a chance that you probably don’t want to travel too far to your hotel when you arrive. Furthermore, you’d love to avoid customs, the passport scrutiny, the taxi, the booking in – now, you don’t have to move at all, and the hotel can to come to you.

That’s exactly the idea behind the peculiar looking, conceptual stay on runway five-star hotel, dreamed up for a private client by architect Margot Krasojevic.

Hotel 1

“It mimics the heat haze, [the] shimmering effect of high temperatures during take-off and landing, altering our perception of the immediate environment. The architecture is an extension of the dynamics of its context, using pattern recognition, and digital and radioactive technology to blur the edges between the virtual and actual.”

Wired reports on the design, which was apparently commissioned by an apparently frustrated, brilliantly lazy client in Qatar. The result is a silky, lightweight, luxurious and H R Giger type structure that appears to become one with a jet.

Due to the range of hydro-pneumatic suspension systems, the design can move apart and shift its layout, while a rainwater filter, LED lighting and “pattern recognition, digital, and radioactive technology” are thought to be state of the art. The hotel room can be dismantled due to its hydro-pneumatic suspension sections and moved around the runway. Technically, it has three fibreglass shells and an expandable interior lined with laminated glass, solar lights and low-resolution LEDs designed to create an array of visual effects. It can be programmed to look like any environment you want, so if you want to blend in with Gatwick, no problem.

It’s got luxurious accommodations and a lightweight design that allows it to be quickly an easily moved from one end of the airfield to the other. Inside, it’s got a fashionable yet minimalist vibe for its small lounge, bathroom and sleeping quarters. Their extendable walkway with stairs is covered by a cantilevered canopy.

hotel 4

Designer Dr. Margot Krasojevic isn’t a stranger to unconventional ideas, she recently proposed a floating prison in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The said penitentiary is capable of generating energy by converting incoming waves into a waterfall surrounding the main structure. Although the concept is energy-friendly, the idea of suspending prisoners in an elevated space above the sea is somewhat disturbing, so a aero-hotel isn’t too much of a stretch.

Though this hasn’t gone much further past the drawing board, it seems to be a pretty terrific one. However, if you’re the kind of high roller who has the sort of money for a hotel like this, it’s going to be a dream come true.

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