iPhone Attachment Gives It A Sense Of Smell

iPhone Attachment Gives It A Sense Of Smell

Mobile phones have become a part of our day-to-day life helping us to communicate with persons staying in different parts of the world. With growing mobile technology, different applications are being developed and various attributes are being added to the mobile phones which empower us to perform varied tasks. Features like video calling allowed users to communicate face-to-face through mobiles.

scentee-300x220Continuing the technological advancements, a Japanese firm has developed and is looking forward to launch “ChatPerf”, a hardware add-on for iPhone that can emit smells. It is also referred as “Scentee” that effectively gives the phone a sense of smell.

The device can be used to send actual smells along with text messages by just plugging it into the docking port. It is a connection that attaches to a iPhone and produces particular smells that can be compared with emails and content messages.

With this attachment, you can send a “relaxing” smell to one of your friend who you know is tired. When you say someone is crap, you can let them know your feeling right away. The game designers found this as an interesting feature to create more immersive environments and games.

Hence,in addition to messaging, the device is also expected to be an integral part of mobile gaming. The ChatPerk gadget could be synced with various apps or games to generate specific odors at a certain time. The odors like the smell of burning rubber in a racing game, the scent of coffee to wake you up in conjunction with an alarm app, or the smell of gun powder in a shooting game etc.

ChatPerk or Scentee is just a prototype now, and it may take some time for the device to be used in real-time by the iPhone users as the prototype developed looks very different to the conceptual designs.

As of now, the device is attached to a iPhone’s advancing port and another prototype version of it is going to be released in the month of September, that will attach itself to a headphone jack. The biggest problem to this device is that it cannot create scents from the ether or air, rather it uses miniature plastic tanks of perfumes which may be troublesome.

It is not exclusively for iPhone users, Android users can also experience the gadget as the next version of ChatPerk for Android is in the works.


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