App Helps Blind Photographers To Click Perfect Pictures

App Helps Blind Photographers To Click Perfect Pictures

Photography is one field that interests each and every individual.Many of us turn amateur photographers in some or the other situations.With the increasing number of Smartphones,everyone has a camera at hands distance and are clicking pictures whenever and wherever they want.

What does a photographer require? Nothing to be frank.Just a camera and some creativity with clear eye vision will do.

dn23516-1_300But what if a blind person wants to snap photos? Can he do that? well,it was not possible till date,but a team of researchers led by PhD student Dustin Adams at the University of California, Santa Cruz has created a new camera app that might help the blind and partially sighted people to click photographs.

Before developing the app,the researchers interviewed 54 people who are completely and partially blind,aged between 18 and 78.They were asked about their difficulties in taking snaps and their answers served as a specification for the app.

One of the survey participants said that framing a shot was one of the main obstructions.Though,there are many latest smartphones with face detection and other useful features,more such attributes are required to make the Smartphone camera apt for the visually impaired.

The app includes many features that make it easier for the blind to click snaps.One such feature is that it offers a swiping motion on the screen to click the photos instead of a shutter button.Using audio cues along with face detection technology,it hints the photographer about the number of faces that are present in the frame.

When the app’s camera mode is turned on,the phone begins recording a 30-second audio file which can be restarted at any time with a double tap to the screen.The user can save the sound file along with the time and date.This feature,thus,makes photo identification easier and manageable.

If you are eagerly waiting to experience the app and explore its features,you need to wait for some more time as the research team will present the results of the study and the app at the Pervasive Technologies Related to Assistive Environments conference in Rhodes,Greece later this month.

Once it is made available,you can advice this app to your visually impaired friends and boost up their confidence levels and skills in photography.


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