An Electronic Nose That Detects Fruit Odours

An Electronic Nose That Detects Fruit Odours

Invention of machines made human lives easy and comfortable since these machines are capable of doing various complex tasks in no time.Constant zeal of scientists to create new devices paved way for the development of many innovative engines.Though these artificial machines or robots surpassed humans in terms of doing mechanical work,they still lag behind when it comes to senses.

A robot or a machine may perform difficult operations in a faster way but they lack sense organs like humans for vision, hearing, smell, taste, and touch.In order to develop a machine that can possess the sense of smell,the Swedish and Spanish engineers have created a electronic nose that can detect fruits smell.

Don’t bring your jaws down yet,scientists also claim that the electronic nose can smell things more effectively than the human sense of smell.This electronic machine is invented by the team of scientists from the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV, Spain) and the University of Gävle (Sweden) and is made of 32 sensors.

electronic-noseAs of now,the device can diversify between the odorous compounds discharged by chopped pears and apples.

The sensors are metal oxide semiconductors that will detect odorous compounds such as methane or butane.Fruit samples are placed in pre-chamber into which an air flow is forced which reaches the tower with sensors.

The real time data is gathered by a software and the information is processed through the classification algorithms.A 3D graph displays the results which can differentiate between the pear and apple scores.

Researchers believe that the further development of the system can lead to many advantages as the electronic nose can be used in various fields for different purposes.

“One example would be the wine making sector,” professor Pelegrí,UPV researcher and co-author of the paper. commented, “where an electronic nose capable of distinguishing the quality or type of grape or recognizing the vintage a wine belongs to would be very useful.”

Besides that,it can also be useful in the field of bio-medicine.Some recent studies show that trained dogs can detect cancerous tumors, such as lung cancer just by smelling a person’s breath.Same way,electronic nose will also be able to detect the cancer much earlier which will help in diagnosing the disease soon and increase the chances of patient’s survival.

Published in the ‘Sensors and Actuators A’ journal,the invention is considered to be the initial point for the development of multi-sensor systems,in whose creation the team is already involved.The multi-sensor systems can increase the capacity to distinguish complex mixtures of inconstant substances.


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