A Smartphone App That Could Assist Older People

A Smartphone App That Could Assist Older People

In modern world,Smartphones are used by everyone irrespective of age. The present day elderly people are active,independent and are more demanding customers than ever before. With the increasing electronic gadgets and technological inventions, even the senior citizens are looking out for the latest updates in-order to use them to full extent.

There are plenty of apps on mobiles which are aimed for various purposes including gaming, weather forecasts, etc. All these apps are developed targeting the youngsters. But a new app which is being developed by the scientists at the University of Ulster aims to help the older people.

Dr Luke Chen, University of Ulster.A research team is currently working on the app named, Help-on-Demand (HoD) assistance agent, which will provide location-based,  context-sensitive and personalized assistance empowering older people to carry out everyday tasks and solve the problems of daily life.

With the growth of technology, each and every sector is using it to the maximum extent. A self serve society is evolving with time enabling the various services and transactions to be completed by digital solutions where the user interacts directly with the device, i.e., ticket and parking meters, airport check-in machines and various home appliances.

Most of the senior citizens find these new technologies complicated and face difficulties in using them which might result in anxiety that make them reluctant to participate in social and cultural activities, thus, leading to many psychological problems.

But this new app, HoD assistance agent will be able to provide context-aware personalized help-on-demand assistance services i.e, it helps the people according to the situation and assists them personally in various issues.

It has a very user-friendly interface which will accommodate health problems such as dyslexia and poor vision, and also location based context such as Internet connectivity. These features could prove beneficial to the users.

This project is funded by the European Ambient Assisted Living Joint Program (AAL JP) and is a part of The Situated Adaptive Guidance for the Mobile Elderly (MobileSage) research project

“Our ongoing MobileSage research could radically improve life for older people and help them maintain their independence”, says the team lead,Dr Liming Chen.

The developers expect to release the app by the end of the year and also claim that the app will not only comfort the elders but also will ease the burden on the  family members,  care persons, and of course, will be advantageous to the older people to solve daily challenges themselves.

However, it can be judged only after its release. Lets wait and watch how the senior citizens react to Help-on-Demand (HoD) assistance agent, an app which is exclusively meant for them.


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