15 Predictions for Jobs In Future

15 Predictions for Jobs In Future

Growth of science and technology in past decades has changed the face of employment opportunities. With the evolution of various fields like artificial intelligence, robotics etc., many complex tasks of humans were made easy. Machines surpassed humans in terms of power. A single machine is equal to hundreds of labor in terms of performance.

imageskjAs these technologies continue to advance, several new employment opportunities are bound to emerge. By updating and understanding the current trends, job seekers can plan their careers according to their area of interest. Though, prediction of future jobs is not an easy task as the situations change day by day, there are few occupations which might open doors for plenty of opportunities in near future.

Experts say that it would be wrong to assume that professions like banking, law or stockbroking may not remain the top paid jobs in future. As time changes, there is every possibility that the way we work and lead our lives might change.

Analysts predicted some future jobs that are meant to create wonderful chances for the most deserving people. Here are the 15 future job predictions that are capable of providing a long standing career.

1. Mobile Application Developer :

What else could be a better job than developing apps for mobiles? With the growing mobile technology, each and every individual is looking forward for new mobile models as well as new apps that are useful for them in their day-to-day life for entertainment etc. Mobile media industry is continually developing and hence, it is the area where there are plenty of opportunities for developers.

Since most of them browse internet on mobiles, developers are required to address security and compatibility issues besides inventing creative apps. If you are creative and has got those excellent programming skills, there is no stop for you in this field.

2. Digital Architect :

imagesArchitecture is one of the ancient professions. With the invention of computers, field of architecture has made use of computing technology, programming, and other techniques to create virtual forms of buildings etc, known as Digital architecture. Who wouldn’t want to see their dream house virtually before the actual construction takes place?!

Everything is being digitized in present world and hence, creation of prototype model prior to the actual thing grabs the attention of the customers. A digital architect is the one who designs a selection of virtual buildings and other projects in order to market their products for advertisers and other retailers.

It is expected to be one of the best job that captures the market in future as organizations usually keep updating themselves with the on going trends.

3. Robotics Technician :

hhRobots almost replaced humans in performing all the major operations in various fields. It is obvious that future runs on robotic technology and personal robot assistants. They are becoming more commonplace and they are even used for regular house hold activities.

To build and maintain robots, technicians are required. They help in keeping them away from malfunctioning and assist scientists in all the phases of robotic design.  Robotic technicians are trained in computer programming and act as a link between the robotic engineers and the customers who purchase the machines. Technicians may also install the robots at the customers place.

It is the most challenging yet creative job and best suits for the one who like to be innovative. Future generation is going to be a robotic lead generation and hence, the job of a robot technician is the best career one can choose.

4. Elderly Well-Being Consultant :

Do you wish to leave your elders home alone when you are at work? Certainly not. Old people do require some kind of assistance in doing their routine daily life tasks. But with the increasing need to have a better career, better life and better status, people don’t really have time to assist their elders and take care of them. And that’s where an opportunity lies.

An elderly well-being consultant is the one who takes personalized care for the elderly people. Consultant specializes in being holistic towards the elders. One can get into this job easily but all it requires is patience as assisting elders is not a cake walk.

As working class in the society increase, the need for consultants like this will also increase. A specialized study and a definite career path as an elderly well-being consultant is surely worth when compared to other stressful jobs.

5. Body Part Maker :

Science has always tried to imitate natures wonders. Its because of that, the field of robotics and biorobotics has emerged. Alternate for the original living beings or the parts of livings beings are being created so that one can lead a happy life with the artificial parts.


With the scientific advances in bioprinting and cloning, new techniques are developed to invent tissue pasts and living body parts of humans. Who doesn’t want to lead a comfortable life? Physical disability shouldn’t ruin the happiness of humans and hence the demand for artificial body parts is increasing day by day.

Specialists who can make, preserve, repair and fit the body parts to an individual like an injured athlete or a soldier according to his need are known as body part makers. It also paves way for specialist stores to fill the demand for body parts creating more employment opportunities.

6. Social Media Manager :

Social media is the new “IT” profession. One cannot survive without social media in the modern world. Platforms like facebook, twitter and other networking sites marked a revolution in communication. It has become a new way of expressing and sharing thoughts. Not just for individual benefits, it is also used by various organizations to promote their products.

Organizations are now hiring social media managers to look after their online activities so that they can enhance and protect the company brand. Thus, a role of social media manager is very challenging and responsible. It is one of the best jobs that can provide entertainment as well as career growth.

Can you imagine the world without social media in future? Your answer is obvious and hence, the opportunities for this job role are going to increase day by day.

7. Vertical Farmer:

images1Vertical farming is nothing but mixing traditional farming with technology. It is estimated that by the year 2050, 80% of the world’s population will live in urban areas. A large amount of land may be required by humans for shelter itself.  Scientists are concerned that large amount of farmlands will not be available and hence, put forth the idea of vertical farming.

There are many advantages of vertical farming like the increased crop production, protection from weather related problems, conservation of resources etc. A vertical farmer is the one who farms crops upwards than across flat fields to save space. It can be an excellent field to make profits as farming is necessary for the survival of the living beings.

The demand for the farmers might increase in future and the farmers who can implement technology in farming will lead the future.

8. Waste Data Handler :

New inventions bring new challenges. With the increasing amounts of data storage, data management has become a crucial job. Not just managing the data, deleting the unnecessary data without altering the useful information is also equally important. Waste Data Handler is the one who destroys your data waste in a responsible way.

The job role is to delete data stored on computers. For example, if you do online shopping or log in into sites like facebook or anyother sites, the data is deleted so that people cannot be traced or have their identity stolen by hackers or other users.

9. Medical Records Administrator :

index1Due to many factors, health of humans is shrinking day by day. None can survive without visiting a doctor in present days. As more and more hospitals increase, the need for more number of hospital staff also increase. Not just doctors, hospital management staff also play an important role in assisting patients.

Medical field is one area that utilizes digitalization to maximum extent. Medical records of a patient are digitized in some of the hospitals now and in future, it is expected to be practiced widely. Medical researchers will be needed to help to move the records from paper to digital, besides being able to navigate records quickly for the patients.

It is clear that soon every medical organization is going to adapt this innovative technology and hence, there will be plenty of opportunities in this field.

10. Avatar Manager :


Virtual reality is another technology that is being widely spread in present days. Virtual games, Virtual personal assistants, virtual therapists, and what not? Present virtual reality inventions are leading to a future where virtuality can play a key role in human lives.

As the demand for it increase, the opportunities in this technology also increase. Virtual games etc, makes use of avatars and the person who designs, manages holograms of these avatars is known as Avatar Manager. These can be used by the users as their avatars, providing them with real time experience.

Hence, it is one of the brilliant jobs that can show enormous opportunities for the one who is creative and innovative.

11. Memory Augmentation Surgeon :

Memory augmentation, as the name suggests, is the process of increasing memory. It focuses on developing one’s ability to retain information. A memory augmentation surgeon is the one who helps to preserve and improve memory in an ageing population.

Memory management is important, be it in computers or in human beings. Hence, the growth in the opportunities for memory management surgeons is crystal clear.

12. Haptic Programmer :

hapticHaptic technology is a mechanical simulation that is used to assist in the creation of virtual objects in a computer simulation to control virtual objects. It is a tactile feedback technology whose usage has been initiated in the fields of robotics and other artificial machines.

A haptic programmer is the one who develops technology around the science of touch, such as gloves that make your hand feel warm, or wrapped in velvet. With the need for more robots with the sense of touch, tactile sensing technology is going to a promising techniques to be used widely and hence, a programmer well versed with haptic technology is surely going to grab many opportunities in near future.

13. Cyber Security Specialist :


Cyber security is undoubtedly a growing industry. As each and every transaction is being carried out online, there is every chance of hackers misusing personal or private details. Large amounts of data and confidential information is stored in systems which has to be protected in order to safeguard the organizations or an individuals privacy.

To perform this responsible task, knowledgeable professionals who can protect websites and expose hackers will be a hot commodity in future. A cyber security specialist will ensure the data security by using different techniques like encryption,decryption etc.

Professionals who have enough knowledge on various techniques and latest technologies can easily settle down in this career path as cyber security is going to be a necessity in future.

14. Organic Food Farmer :

indexujPeople are becoming health conscious and are consuming only nutritious food which can keep them away from obesity. Due to this, the demand for foods that do not involve modern synthetic inputs such as usage of pesticides and chemicals in food farming increased. This type of food is called organic food.

Organic food currently occupies about 10 percent of the food and beverage market and is expected to increase its market in future. Thus, organic famers and producers are required in order to meet the demand of organic food. By improving organic food farming techniques, organic farmers can make excellent profits.

15. Omnipotence Delimiter :

The job role is different and also challenging. As the stress increases in a person, he might need a counselor to retain his/her mental stability. An omnipotence delimiter is the one who reins in our belief that anything is possible and we are all most powerful creatures on earth.

It is expected to be one of the most important jobs with steady career.


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